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Tangled bungee cords lead to wasted production time commercially, and wasted time and energy for recreational users. Bungee cords are one of the most versatile and commonly used tie-down devices on the market today. Millions are used on a daily basis….
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There are two types of competitive bungee cords, those with open hooks and others with closed or gated hooks. The open hook designs are difficult to store and transport when not in use because the hooks naturally engage upon other objects and easily become tangled, especially when several or more bungee cords are grouped together….
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Never Tangle Bungee Cord hooks snap together when not in use or they can be snapped together to make longer bungee cords if desired. They Never Tangle!Each interlocking hook is made of alloy steel over-molded with durable automotive grade plastic….
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Never Tangle Bungee cords were developed to solve the bungee cord entanglement problem. Due to its unique patent-pending design, Never Tangle Bungees Cords click together with a snap, and remain that way until needed. They store neatly and tangle free….
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October, 2017

Never Tangle, LLC receives a second US Patent on novel interlocking S-hooks. Issued October 24, 2017, US Patent # 9,797,431 describes interlocking S-hooks for use in rubber straps commonly used for cargo management in the trucking and transportation industries.


February, 2016

Never Tangle, LLC inventor Paul Cornay receives US Patent on novel interlocking hook system.  For use in cargo management, US Patent # 9,249,825 describes the revolutionary interlocking hook system as a means of extending and linking bungee cords and straps for tangle free storage, transportation and use.


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Watch Our Video to Learn More! Paul Cornay Entrepreneur, inventor and founder of Never Tangle, LLC.  Paul has successfully obtained 19 patents and possesses over 20 years of experience developing products for the consumer, automotive and environmental markets.



Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Paul Cornay, the founder of Never Tangle LLC. He shared with me the newly patented technology that enables the Never Tangle Bungee Cord to hook together to prevent tangling. Additionally, the feature allows individuals to hook more than one cord together safely, and without risking tears to material or scratches on vehicles. This is new and is different from other bungee cords currently on the market.

I am very interested in the product and will order a display for our store when they become available. I believe that the cord will be of interest to our buyers and that the pricing makes it competitive with traditional bungee cords now on the market.

I support this product and look forward placing it in our store.

Kirsten Pellicer Owner/Vice President – ACE Hardware

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