The Problem



Every bungee cord on the market today can become entangled when not in use with other cords, or items in the vicinity. The time spent disentangling the cords is frustrating and costly to consumers. Additionally, linking or hooking cords together is very desirable for many applications, but exposed hooks tangle in tarps and cargo and often leave unsightly scratches.

Tangled Bungees
Bungees on Tarp
Bungee on Vehicle

Never Tangle Bungee cords were developed to solve these problems forever. Never Tangle’s Patented hooks lock together with a snap, and remain that way until needed. They save time and store neatly. Never Tangle bungee cord hooks can be snapped together to create longer cords that will not snag, tear or scratch vehicles, cargo or cargo covers.

NT Bungees bundle
NT Bungees end to end
NT Bungee on Car