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Unlike every other bungee cord on the market today, Never Tangle cords are designed to SNAP together when not in use. Their patented design ensure that with the “click of a snap”, you know your cords are secured and ready for the next use. Never Tangle Bungee Cords are connectable end to end to make bungee cords of desired length. The self locking hooks will not scratch cargo or vehicles. Never Tangle Bungees store neatly and tangle free and can be stored in a tool box without becoming entangled with other tools.  Never Tangle Bungee cords are made in the USA!

NT Bungees bundle

Action Packer With Close-up
NT Bungees in Tool Box
NT Bungees end to end

Made in the USA Picture

US Patents: 9,249,825, 9,797,431, 10,174784, 10,738,820 and Patents Pending.