The Competition



There are two basic designs of competitive bungee cords, those with open hooks and others with closed or gated hooks. The open hook designs are difficult to store and transport when not in use because the hooks naturally engage upon other objects and easily become tangled, especially when several or more bungee cords are grouped together. The closed or gated hook styles do not solve the entanglement problem because the open hooks can snag upon other objects. The spring loaded gate creates difficulty for the user while hooking and unhooking the bungee cord hook and limits the available hook area that would otherwise be available if the gate were not present.

Competitor Open Hook Bungees
Competitor Gated Hook Bungee
Competitor Tangled Bungees

Never Tangle Bungee Cords have large open hooks which can snap together and snap apart as desired. The hooks can be connected end to end without snagging cargo. Never Tangle Bungee Cords will remain closed and tangle free during storage and transportation and solve the costly an frustrating problem of bungee cord entanglement for recreational and commercial users.

NT Bungees end to end
NT Bungees in Tool Box
NT Bungees bundle