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Never Tangle Bungee Cord Hooks are made of alloy steel over-molded with tough automotive grade plastic and are designed to endure the extremes of artic, desert and marine environments. Each interlocking hook is provided with an engagement groove which allows one hook to interlock with the other hook. The hooks lock together with a snap which prevents the bungee cords from becoming tangled when not in use and during storage and transportation. When needed they easily snap apart to provide a large open hook area for secure engagement.

Multiple bungee cords can be connected end end-to to-end forming bungee cords of any desired length. When connected end to end, Never Tangle bungee cords hooks will not snag other objects like cargo covers and other objects that may rip or tear. The heavy duty automotive grade plastic over-moldeding the alloy steel hooks protects automobiles and cargo from scratching.

Never Tangle Bungee Cords are proudly made in the USA.

NT on Tarp

NT Bungee on Car
NT Bungees end to end

PE Bungee Hooks Model
PE Open and Closed Hooks
Molded Hook Action Packer Close-up

US Patents: 9,249,825, 9,797,431, 10,174,784, 10,738,820, 11,280,386, 11,585,409 and Patents Pending.

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