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Never Tangle, LLC was formed to market the Patented design innovation of a new locking hook technology for use in bungee cords and tie-down straps. The novel locking hooks of the Never Tangle Bungee Cord solves the long standing problem of bungee cord entanglement. The hooks snap together when not in use and they easily snap apart when needed, providing large open hooks for secure engagement.  Never Tangle bungee cords are able to connect end to end to make bungee cords of any desired length, another novel design feature. The Company plans to increase its corporate value by delivering better solutions like the Never Tangle Bungee Cord and related new tie-down products to the consumer, transportation and industrial  markets. Our products are designed to be the highest quality, “go-to-products”, in their class.

Bungee cords are common hardware, general utility items, used to secure objects without tying knots and to absorb shock. They have endless uses that include securing loads of  cargo, and cargo covers on utility vehicles, trucks, semi-trucks and boats. Bungee cords have one serious problem – they tangle upon themselves and other objects when not in use – frustrating consumers and causing down time in trucking and transportation applications. Until the Never Tangle Bungee Cord, no practical solution for bungee cord entanglement existed in the market.

Never Tangle Bungee Cords are marketed under the NEVER TANGLE  brand and are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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US Patents: 9,249,825, 9,797,431, 10,174,784, 10,738,820, 11,280,386, 11,585,409 and Patents Pending.