The Problem Bungee cords are one of the most versatile and commonly used tie-down devices on the market today. Millions are used on a daily basis. However, tangled cords lead to wasted production time commercially, and wasted time and energy for recreational users. Every bungee cord on the market today can become entangled with other cords, or items in the vicinity, when not in use. The time spent disentangling the cords is frustrating and costly to consumers. Never Tangle Bungee cords were developed to solve this problem forever. Due to its unique patent-pending design, Never Tangle Bungees Cords click together with a snap, and remain that way until needed. They save time, money, store neatly and can be snapped together to create longer cords when necessary. They are also made locally in the United States.  
The Competition There are two basic designs of competitive bungee cords, those with open hooks and others with closed or gated hooks (see below). The open hook designs are difficult to store and transport when not in use because the hooks naturally engage upon other objects and easily become tangled, especially when several or more bungee cords are grouped together. The closed or gated hook styles attempt to solve the entanglement problem by providing a hook with a spring loaded gate that is closed when the hook is both in use and not in use. The spring loaded gate creates difficulty for the user while hooking and unhooking the bungee cord hook due to the interference of the gate in the hook area. Additionally, the gate opens inward into the hook area limiting the available hook area that would otherwise be available if the gate were not present. The Never Tangle Bungee Cord have large open hooks which can snap together and snap apart as desired. The hooks can be connected end to end without snagging cargo. Never Tangle Bungee Cords will remain closed and tangle free during storage and transportation and solve the problem of bungee cord entanglement which is costly an frustrating to recreational and commercial end users.  
The Product Never Tangle Bungee Cords snap together when not in use. They Never Tangle! Never Tangle Bungee Cords employ two identical interlocking hooks. Each hook is made of alloy steel over-molded with durable Polypropylene plastic. Each interlocking hook is provided with a groove designed to allow each hook to engage upon the other within their respective grooves thereby disabling the hooks to prevent entanglement of the bungee cord when not in use or during storage and/or transportation. Multiple bungee cords can be connected end end-to to-end forming a bungee cord of desired length.    
The Solution Never Tangle Bungee Cords are connectable end to end to make bungee cords of desired length. The self locking hooks will not scratch cargo or vehicles . Never Tangle Bungees store neatly and tangle free . Competitive bungees store in a tangled mess . Never Tangle Bungees can be stored in a tool box without becoming entangled with other tools . Never Tangle Bungee cords Never Ever Tangle. Unlike every other bungee cord on the market today, Never Tangle cords are designed to SNAP together when not in use. Their patent-pending design ensure that with the “click of a snap”, you know your cords are secured and ready for the next use. Never Tangle Bugee cords are made in the USA!